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Episode 39: Mailbag Transcript

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Feb. 10th, 2013 | 08:36 pm

Mailbag Transcript for Episode 39
Hosts: emmagrant01, djin7, akemi42

Emma: Welcome for the mailbag for this episode of Slashcast. I’m Emma Grant and I’m here with DJ and Rachel.

DJ: Hi

Rachel: Hello

Emma: So first of all I want to talk about one of the comments that we got on our last episode which was the Wank episode, and I think DJ is going to address that.

DJ: Yes on our episode 38 we were featuring Fandon Wank and unfortunately the Fandon Wank wiki website, has been down and experiencing technical difficulties since we actually posted this episode. However it is temporary and they are fixing the problem and I am assured by Snacky and the gang that it will be up and you definitely want to have a look when does come up, because there is some really hilarious links that we got on our episode 38 on slashcast. So definitely go take a look if you can, as soon as it gets back very shortly! Temporary technical difficulties only.

Emma: Great good. I know I’m looking forward to going back and looking at some of those links again. So the topic of this episode is Romance and one of the things that we wanted to talk about here in the mailbag was surprise romance. So times when you’ve been reading a fic and the romance caught you by surprise. So, I thought I would start. My example is a Snarry example, and I am not…

Rachel: Oh my god, Emma has a Snarry example, I’m so thrilled!

Emma: So I’m not really a Snarry fan which is why this was a surprise for me, but the story that I’m thinking of here is “Snape: The Home Fries Nazi” by pir8fancier. And I basically read because everybody recced the crap out of it and also because it was pir8fancier. And you know, there are people in fandom who you are like, err whatever the hell they write I’m just gonna read it because I know it’s gonna be good. So I read it. And so if you know the story, we’ll link to it in the post show post, if you know the story, the premise is unbelievably cracky. It was written before the seventh book came out, so the premise is that of course Snape survives the end of the war and he loses his magic because he is a death eater and he is exiled to America, and he winds up in New Mexico as like a fry cook in a diner, and Harry goes looking for him. So I read the story it was really fantastic, I mean Snape has like a shaved head , he is like a biker with tattoos, something crazy like that right? But by the end of the fic I was so swept up in this romance between Harry and Snape I couldn’t believe it. I literally couldn’t believe it, it hit all my romance buttons, it really did. It was two unlikely people and they find this connection and they’re kind of resistant to it and then they are so drawn together that in the end you just root for them to get together and when they do it’s glorious. So that’s my example, the time that I didn’t expect to find the romance so intriguing and then I really did.

DJ: Not just didn’t expect but openly actually avoided.

Emma: Definitely

Rachel: You’re like this has two flaws, one it’s a Snarry, two it’s a fry cook fic. I think the longer you are in Harry Potter fandom you start to realise those two things are not flaws at all.

DJ: Exactly.

Emma: And you had those written by pir8fancier so you can’t go wrong.

Rachel: I... in early days of Harry Potter fandom read a lot of Harry Hermione and that involved people link Cassandra Clare and Mad Lori, can’t remember her other moniker, anyway they had various stories which on occasion would touch upon a side pairing with Draco and Harry and that was a surprise to me. Cause that was like, oh hold on a sec I can totally see that and it was not something that had ever occurred to me before that. So that was a huge surprise for me and then I went flopping into the Drarry fandom straight from that and started to read that stuff for the next two years and it was during reading those fics that I ran across one where, there was a side pairing of, a past pairing actually of Harry a survivor Harry story, where he had survived Snape and was with Draco. And so he was all past tense lover sort of, past mentor type fic and he did not feature in the fic at all it was just his heartbreak over losing him that Draco had to address as his new lover. And so it was very touchingly done, and I will try and find the name and try to link it up. And that brought me over to the Snape/Harry pairing and that works too!

Emma: That was the fic that recruited you. Wow!

DJ: That’s right, into Snarry. And as you know the rest is history, cause I hit the pinnacle there and that’s it there’s no going back from that.

Rachel: Well I’m going to break the trend and name a fic that is not in Harry Potter fandom. My example is actually fairly recent and it is an Avengers fic called Bulletproof by foxxcub and it is a Tony/Steve college AU fic. I usually don’t read AU Avengers, I usually stick to like, well I mean comics are kind of AU so I do in that way, but I usually stick to at least mainstream universes. But this fic, I don’t know somebody, I got it recced by a few different people and I actually read it in a sauna, the entire fic two or three hours in a sauna. I was clearly really devoted to it. It has a really great Steve/ Tony dynamic where Steve and Tony went to high school together and they end up in college and Steve was always kind of dorky but then he sold out, they don’t have superpowers in this fic, and when they are in college they are sort of fuck buddies but Tony wants something more. You know it’s classic dynamics, but it’s kind of stuff you read when you are really into a pairing and you really want to read that trope. But it has Phil/Clint as a side paining that I’d read as a side pairing before, but not in an AU sense. They would be in the Marvel universe or in the movie universe and be there as a pairing, and nothing really struck me with them. I mean I thought it was kind of cute but it wasn’t like ohh wow I really want to read this. And something about this fic, having the two of them with the dynamic of Clint being younger and still being like his older. But something about the college AU made me go oh I love Clint and Coulson now I’ve read. I wouldn’t say I am recruited like DJ, like it didn’t move over, I’m still very very devoted to Steve/ Tony but it definitely did make me click quite a few links on Clint/ Phil that I wouldn’t normally have clicked. And I’ll post a link to that fic in the show notes as well and I actually just discovered it’s a series on AO3. So I clearly need to make another trip to the sauna and read part 2. Which Clint/Phil are the primary pairing.

DJ: Don’t forget some water when you go into the sauna cause you know we’re worried about you.

Emma: You know, that’s happened to me a couple of times now that you mention it, in the Sherlock fandom with Lestrade and Mycroft as a side pairing. It’s not a pairing that I would seek out and read because I kind of like a John/Sherlock/Greg OT3, like if Greg is going to be involved I want him with one of those guys. But I have read a few things where there was a side pairing, a side romance going on between Greg Lestrade and Myscroft and I’m kind of going ohhh rooting for that on the side.

DJ: Yeah I’ve been reading Merlin actually recently, God forbid, I actually didn’t have any interest in that fandom at all until recently and I don’t want to spoil anybody so I’m not going to note it but in North America they are just airing the last season now but the reason why I even became interested in it is because of the last season and the way that they ended it. Long story short I have been reading some of the fics and I have noticed that there are some side, there’s a lot of beautiful people on this TV show, there are some side pairing that have definitely peeked my interest, but I still have to get through and hoover myself through so much backstory there, certainly though hit on a couple of those side pairing that seem plausible and tasty for sure.

Emma: Awesome

Rachel: I guess you know, I would even say that John/Sherlock to me was a pairing to me that blew, I watched the show and I was assumed that I was going to be a Sherlock/Moriarty shipper and cause the first fic I read was John/ Sherlock it totally put me in that direction.

Emma: So it was like chance.

DJ: Right.

Emma: The first thing I clicked on. That’s how I got into Harry/Draco in the Harry Potter fandom, I was like scrolling though some Harry Potter archive and I was like looking for slash of course and I was thinking like Harry/Ron but I didn’t actually read any Harry/Ron, the first summary that caught my attention was Harry/Draco and I was like what Harry and Draco? Draco is a little shit.. what? I clicked it and that was it, you know. So totally by chance what I clicked on first.

DJ: I was lead to mine, I was lucky enough to run into a bid story where they had a cookie, or a side vignette as it were, an alternate universise scene in which the author actually went there. Their entire story arc was basically a trilogy between Harry, Hermione and Draco and everyone pinning after Hermione as the female, the ultimate prize female at the end of it all. There was this great side vignette of Harry/Draco a side as it were, that was unbelievable, I thought now that is what we're talking about after all that! So that was really interesting for me. Some authors will do that, and I think they get really positive feedback perhaps on the chemistry they've written down and they maybe do a side story of it or they tease you a little bit, pander a little bit to their fans maybe even, like they do in canon in TV and stuff, Joss Whedon and all those, they do tend to pander on occasion and I'm all over that. If the authors will pander and make you thirst for some sort of surprise romance, that's good, that can only lead to more good things.

Rachel: Surprise romance, surprise butt sex it's all good.

Emma: I love it, It's all good. So if any of our listeners want to drop us a comment and tell us about any surprise romances that you found in your fandom experience, you can leave a comment on our LJ post, you can leave a comment on our website, you can leave us an ask on Tumblr, etc. etc. You can even email us on islashdoyouatgmaildotcom. So that's it for this episode for Slashcast, thanks for listening and happy slashing.

DJ: Happy slashing.

Rachel: Happy slashing.

Transcribed by imifos

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