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Episode 35: Pimp My Fandom

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Oct. 2nd, 2012 | 03:15 pm

Host: kriken
Guest: suaine
Fandom: Teen Wolf

Kriken: Welcome to Pimp My Fandom for this episode of Slashcast. We have a very special fandom to talk about today to fit in with our October theme for Horror/Halloween, and with us today with have Suaine.

Suaine: Yes, hi!

Kriken: And what fandom are you going to be pimping today?

Suaine: Well I’m going to be pimping Teen Wolf.

Kriken: The big, new, problem child around fandom.

Suaine: You could say that. [Suaine laughs]

Kriken: You love it or you hate it, it seems.

Suaine: Yeah. That’s Teen Wolf. [Kriken laughs] Yeah, well, Teen Wolf is one of those things people seem to come to it basically going ‘oh, I don’t want to watch Teen Wolf, it sounds stupid’, and then they sort of fall in love with it, almost against their will. Which is not actually what happened to me, I was basically. I knew what I was getting into. I loved it from the start.

Kriken: I was exactly what you described, I went into it and was just like ‘oh, this is going to be so corny. Everyone’s talking about it so I’ll try it, but I’m not -

Suaine: Yeah.

Kriken: - with this type of show, and it just, it never let go.

Suaine: Yeah, exactly. It just kind of, it bites down and it never lets go.

Kriken: Exactly. Alright, so, I’m sure there are people still out there who haven’t really dug past, you know, all of the tumblr photos that they’re seeing, why don’t we just do a really basic overview of what it is?

Suaine: That’s actually quite simple: Teen Wolf is basically about teenage werewolves. Um, Scott McCall is the main character, he gets bitten, turns into a werewolf then his best friend Stiles takes care of him, helps him through the change. Scott falls in love with a girl and his best friend Stiles falls in a sort of antagonistic kind of relationship with his mentor/evil villain type person who turns out to be much more interesting than that: Derek. And well, that’s the fandom right there.

Kriken: Um, so, how do you watch it? I know there are many ways that it’s available, but…

Suaine: Yeah. Obviously I’m not in the US [Kriken makes agreeing noise], I have the first season DVDs. I have to watch it streaming or otherwise. You know not the most legal ways [laughter], but yeah I stream the episodes after they air in the US.

Kriken: Alright so it’s definitely available, you know for anyone in MTV.com does put them up, I believe, next day.

Suaine: Yes, they’re usually available about 12 hours later at the very latest.

Kriken: And personally I know that I was able to get them off of Amazon, off of their video streaming service, so…

Suaine: Yes, also I think iTunes has them. There’s a lot of ways to get them. In the US. Outside the US you’re gonna have to be a little more flexible.

Kriken: The one thing that I hear from a lot of people is that while they like the show and you warm up to the primary characters the best thing about the show is really the secondary characters. So, aside from Scott, obviously Stiles is a favourite.

Suaine: Yeah.

Kriken: But there are other secondary characters that are really integral to the plot, so do you want to talk about them a little bit?

Suaine: I basically love all the characters, even the villains are amazing, especially in the first season when we meet Kate and Peter for the first time. Each one of them is- they have so much more depth than, you know, basically the normal main characters of other shows that we kind of have to love them even when you hate them. [Kriken laughs] Um yeah, Peter is the main bad guy, he’s Derek’s uncle and, well he dies, comes back, but that’s kind of a- he’s a very sassy kind of character. [Kriken laughs]

Kriken: He is very sassy.

Suaine: But we all love him, but we also, we can’t really forgive him for some of the stuff he’s done. [both laugh] I mean I don’t want to spoil it too much, but yeah there’s some stuff that Peter really needs to work out. And Kate, there is some stuff we really, really cannot forgive her. Er, but she’s dead now, so that’s okay.

Kriken: [laughs] She got what came to her.

Suaine: Yeah. And other characters, of course, Lydia and Jackson, and Danny, everyone loves Danny and that’s actually not an exaggeration because Danny is- Actually Danny was the reason why I even started watching it.

Kriken: Really?

Suaine: Why I was interested, yeah. Basically it was like, ‘oh there’s a show with werewolves, and it has a gay character, okay I will try it’, and then yeah, that was that.

Kriken: Well I have to say that the writer of the show is obviously very open about his own sexuality, but is very forthright about sex and he wants, his goal here was to normalise the existence of these alternate sexualities – aside from just het, which is what we always see, right? So obviously it comes up in conversation, but it’s not, they don’t harp on it like you’ll sometimes see.

Suaine: Yeah, that’s probably what I love most about Danny, that he’s gay but no one really cares. And everyone loves, and he’s one of the most popular guys and it’s just so nice, it’s really nice.

Kriken: It is.

Suaine: Yeah.

Kriken: Although I do have to mention that aside from the main characters who’re on generally the same level as Scott, they all go to school together, so they’re always hanging out, I absolutely love the parents.

Suaine: Oh, oh yes, the parents are amazing. Especially, I mean everyone loves the Sheriff.

Kriken: Yes. Papa Stilinski.

Suaine: Yes. But I really love what they’ve done with Melissa now that she knows. Scott’s mum. Yeah, now that she loves about the werewolves, the way she’s taking charge and just owning everyone. [both laugh] Yeah, so since the finale it’s just, we’re ‘oh, Melissa McCall is so amazing’.

Kriken: Definitely. Well I think it’ll be really interesting to see how Stiles’ dad, the Sheriff doesn’t know about wolves.

Suaine: Yes.

Kriken: And most of the town doesn’t, but it’ll be interesting to see how they incorporate Melissa into all of this, because she talks to Stiles’ dad, their sons are best friends, so… that’s going to be fun.

Suaine: Yeah. They sit together during lacrosse games and stuff like that, so they know each other pretty well, so can she lie to him? That’s the question. I mean maybe they don’t even talk any more now that she knows about werewolves, but that would also make him suspicious because he’s the sheriff and he’s actually good at his job.

Kriken: [laughs] Right. He is, he’s a very competent sheriff, so you wonder how long that’s going to take.

Suaine: Yeah I think they probably won’t be able to keep that much longer, that secret.

Kriken: Alright so we’ve talked a little bit about the show and the characters, [Suaine makes noise of agreement] let’s get right to the shipping, ‘cause that’s where all the fun, juicy stuff is.

Suaine: Yes. [laughs]

Kriken: So we all know where you’re gonna start, but let’s pick a couple of what you think are fandom’s biggest slash pairings.

Suaine: Well yes, Derek and Stiles, obviously.

Kriken: [laughs] Pretty much everyone knows after the AfterElton poll.

Suaine: Aside from Derek and Stiles, well I’ve seen Scott/Isaac, er, Chris and Peter, and me personally I kind of like the idea of Danny and Boyd, but I don’t think there’s any stories out there yet. I’m working on it, but yeah.

Kriken: [laughs] We’ll just plant that seed.

Suaine: Yes. Yes, let’s hope that someone is going in that direction. [both laugh]

Kriken: Indeed. And are there any femmeslash pairings that you’ve seen a lot of?

Suaine: I’m seeing, especially in pictures, Allison/Lydia, but so much in stories. I think Lydia/Erica there’s some. I’ve read one really good one, other than that we don’t have that many female characters so… I guess...

Kriken: Yeah, not as many pairing combination options.

Suaine: But, yeah, Lydia/Allison is probably the biggest femmeslash paring.

Kriken: Where do you generally go to find the Teen Wolf fandom?

Suaine: If you go looking for Teen Wolf fandom Tumblr is probably your first port of call. It’s the biggest place to find Teen Wolf stuff on the internet. For fanfiction AO3, fanfiction.net does have stories for Teen Wolf but actually only about half the number that is on AO3, and livejournal but the fandom on livejournal is pretty, well very, very quiet.

Kriken: And that pretty much leads us to everybody’s favourite part of this discussion. [both laugh] So this is the time when we kind of get to throw out all of our favourites. So what are your favourite fanworks? We’re talking fic, we’re talking art, vids, anything you can think of.

Suaine: Anything I can think of? [both laugh]

Kriken: Any sort of derivative work.

Suaine: Well there’s obviously stories. I think probably there are stories that we should mention because they’re the, well, almost classics already even though the fandom hasn’t been around much, um not very long anyway. But, like Alpha Spikes, anything Saucery writes, especially Reasonable To Assume, then anything Hito wrote in the early, actually Hito writes. [Kriken laughs] Um, yeah, but I think it would be nice if we also talk about some of the new stuff that’s shown up at the end of the second season, because there’s some really, really good stuff coming out right now. Like, I am really in love with the Milkshakes and Matchbooks series.

Kriken: Isn’t it gorgeous?

Suaine: Oh, it’s adorable.

Kriken: It really is.

Suaine: It’s so sweet, and just, it does make a nice counterpoint to all that wallslamming that, um… Yeah.

Kriken: [laughs] Wallslamming, wallslamming being the primary form of affection and communication between Derek and Stiles. Yes.

Suaine: [chuckles] I have nothing against wallslamming, I love the wallslamming, you know. Basically anything Sauccery writes, as long as you watch out for the warnings, and you should always watch out for the warnings.

Kriken: They’re in all caps, they’re hard to miss most of the time. [laughs]

Suaine: Exactly. I mean I love Saucery a lot so anything that comes out from there is usually something I will like, but I’m always careful and always look out what it’s about first.

Kriken: And she’s, most of her stuff is Derek/Stiles but she does branch out into others and her secondary pairings in her stories are usually pretty good too.

Suaine: Yes.

Kriken: I know she’s had, um, some Scott/Isaac kind of filter in there.

Suaine: She’s also writing a little bit of Peter/Stiles.

Kriken: Yup. Getting her lots of popularity.

Suaine: It’s also very popular, but in a very, um, very, in the dub con direction, or non-con sometimes.

Kriken: Very much on the darker side of her storylines.

Suaine: Yes. Yes. Those are very much in the darker direction.

Kriken: I think everything we’ve referenced so far has been pretty Sterek heavy, do you remember you mentioned earlier an Erica/Lydia story, I believe. Do you remember what it was?

Suaine: Oh yes, the Erica/Lydia story. Let me go look for it. [Kriken laughs] Oh yes, it’s actually by Lielabell, and it’s called I Know I’m a Mess You Don’t Want to Clean Up. And yes, it’s actually about pack, and it’s about how Erica sees the pack, just basically it’s about Erica and how awesome she is and then it has some nice Erica/Lydia porn in it. So definitely check that one out.

Kriken:Well and that was fic. Do you have any art, any vids that you think everyone needs to see.

Suaine: Okay art, I think everything Pembroke does for any of the characters actually. [Kricken chuckles]There’s also the one art piece that is basically just a forest and then you basically find two characters in it. There’s Stiles sort of walking in the background and then when you really concentrate you actually see Derek in the foreground, just his leather jacket, basically sort of hiding, lurking the way he does. That’s also a really nice… it seems to be by a tumblr artist called lienwyn. That’s- that’s- that’s gorgeous. And there’s Kaciart who is doing a lot of, they’re all greyscale and they’re all very pretty. Here’s one that we should probably mention. There’s a really neat art of Lydia as an Alpha and it’s by Balphesian, yeah and it’s basically Lydia being badass.

Kriken: I don’t know about you but I don’t actually see a whole lot of vids for Teen Wolf, although I do have to say that there have been a couple of kind of comedy type videos that someone created specifically to get her friend to start watching the show and they’re absolutely hilarious.

Suaine: They are amazing. But I also really like, um, I think they’re both by Fannishtings, the Sour Wolf one that’s basically a movie trailer for the movie Sour Wolf which is a romantic comedy starring Derek and Stiles. [both laugh]

Kriken: Is there anything that you want to say to people who haven’t gotten into the fandom yet? Alay and fears that they might have, just give them some hints about where to start and what to look for.

Suaine: Well basically it’s been really one of my favourite fandom experiences ever. [laughs] I guess that sounds kind of arrogant or something, but Teen Wolf fandom has been pretty awesome, it’s got lots of art, lots of- just lots of stuff happening and so much enthusiasm. I guess the really good thing is that lots of us really do love the show very much. I mean I’ve been in fandoms where people hated just about everything except for their favourite character, but I think that most of the people who watch Teen Wolf really love Teen Wolf and that really comes through in the fandom too.

Kriken: I can’t disagree with that at all. [both chuckle] And certainly if you’re, you like the type of the shows where you can interact with the writer-

Suaine: Oh yes.

Kriken: - with the actors, with the people in involved with the official tumblrs and twitters, all of them are very responsive. There’s all kinds of stuff popping up on tumblr about this actor saying this, and posting this picture and during the big AfterElton poll.

Suaine: Yeah they have, they have been so amazing with us. I have never felt this good and this valued by the creators and the cast, and just everyone. No but they really seem to actually like us and, yeah so that’s all very interactive and they have just been so nice to us.

Kriken: They really have. Well, and I think that’s a good note to leave off on.

Suaine: Yeah. [they laugh]

Kriken: Thank you very much for joining us, we really appreciate it.

Suaine: Anytime!

Kriken: Now this segment was pretty Sterek heavy because the two of us both are big fans, um and they obviously- that ship is the one that the most prolific authors seem to be writing about, so if you have a favourite fic, or art, or vid that you want to share for one of the smaller ships please do, we would love to see it and talk to you a little bit about in the comments on our Post Show Post. If you want to Pimp Your Fandom on Slashcast in a future episode, please leave a comment or you can send us an email at islashdoyou @ gmail.com and we will add it to our list. Thanks for listening!

Transcribed by: angelbabe_cj

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