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Episode 38: LGBT News Transcript

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Jan. 3rd, 2013 | 08:36 pm

Ep 38 LGBT News Transcript
Host: wook77

Wook: This is the News segment for Slashcast Episode 38, I’m Wook77 and let’s get started with a quick rundown of some of the things going on.

Fantasia Barrino, for those who don’t know she won American Idol like years ago, and she’s still clinging to that last shred of fame throughout all of her troubles which I won’t even get into right now, ranted on instagram about how people were judging her when there were much worse things out there in the world like legal weed and gay marriage. Of course when she was called on it she bitched like every other faded idiot that her words were taken out of context and misunderstood, ‘cause that shit’s just so easy to have happen, you know it only happens when you do some bigoted rants though. Huh, what a coinkydink.

A pastor in Virgina claims that stroking a horse can [starts laughing] cure homosexuality. I’m sorry, every time I read ‘stroking a horse’, it makes me giggle. While I’m certain I’ve read a fic or two with horse stroking I don’t remember it ever curing the gay out of men and women, but Pastor Bell insists that this can happen. See he’s the pastor of a cowboy church, and he claims that equine assisted psychotherapy – [giggles] so there’s an actual term for horse stroking?! – works at making gay men more masculine, but he doesn’t say how it works with the lesbians and bisexuals, and I’m kind of curious. Besides, I don’t know about you folks, but doesn’t the bestiality thing normally go the other way? You know with gay men and homosexuality leading to paedophilia and bestiality and whatever other unrelated sexual conduct they want to toss in there. So kudos to this guy for going against the grain in his bigotry and cray-cray.

Hurricane Sandy decimated the Ali Forney Center in New York City, they recently received a huge donation from Time Warner for a new media centre including brand new computers and all sorts of other things. The value of the gift is $50,000, the Ali Forney Center could still use your help, if you’re looking to start 2013 off right with a donation look towards this valuable resource for LGBT youth in New York City or one in your area. Besides, did you know some LGBT organisations qualify for something called The Working Poor Tax Credit? Okay, so it’s not available in all states and each state sets its own tax dollars, and I’m not a tax lawyer, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah but it’s something to look into because it will steer your tax dollars directively to LGBT organisations. And see there’s something called poetic justice when you live in a state as anti-gay as Arizona is and you use this Working Poor Tax Credit to steer a donation to an LGBT organisation. I might have done that.

Disney has angered right wing bigots with a spot that dared to mention that a kid had two moms, and made a film against bullying. I mean, how dare he mention that he has a non-traditional family? What a little bastard.

The Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda is still slowly moving forward, unfortunately. We’re keeping our eyes on it here, and we recommend you do the same. Desmond Tutu, though, is not impressed and has spoken against this bill and other similar bills in other countries.

And hey, speaking of Uganda, charges have been dropped against gay theatre producer David Cecil, he is now free to leave the country after spending the previous four months in a Ugandan jail. His crime? Daring to stage a gay play in that country.

Another African country, Cameroon, has upheld the conviction of a man for gay texting. [mockingly] Oh the humanity and evil of gay texting! [end mocking] But I guess you’ll never guess who is behind their anti-gay bills too? Oh, wait you didn’t even need to guess. It’s the same American Christian fundamentalists as those behind the Ugandan bills.

Bank of America settled an anti-gay discrimination case brought against it by HUD, the Housing and Urban Development Department in a case involving Bank of America denying a mortgage to a lesbian couple for being lesbians. Oh, gross.

Matt Damon is playing Scott Thorson, the long-time lover of Liberace, who is being played by Michael Douglas in an upcoming film for HBO. Behind the Candelabra supposedly features quite a few gay love scenes in it, including one that’s a make out by the pool. Since it is made for HBO some of us are going to be stuck going alternate routes to view it, but the information I’ve seen so far seems to say it’s a good film.

Matt Damon also addressed the rumours of his supposed gay love with Ben Affleck and how he’s never responded previously. He went the George Clooney route of awesomeness and said it was because he didn’t want to offend his gay friends by implying that a gay rumour was offensive.

The White House was the scene for a same-sex marriage proposal that was just beautifully done. I’m sure you guys have all seen it but I thought it was really cool.

Ten years later the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is still giving conflicting information in the death of Nizah Morris a transgender woman who was last seen alive in 2002 in the presence of police during a courtesy ride due to public drunkenness. This 47-year-old transgender black woman was dropped off in the middle of the street in the middle of nowhere and left to die alone. Now officials are claiming there are no 911 tapes, even though the family has over 101 calls. Eyewitness reports have been ignored while the police officers involved in the courtesy ride have their stories multiple times. Perhaps we could someday, maybe, live in a world where a transgender person doesn’t have to fear for violence for being who they are.

And hey, speaking of good news to end the news segment. If you’re looking to get married to your same-sex partner there’s a new travel locale that you just might want to take a look at. The Dutch Caribbean island of Saba offers beautiful views, a tropical locale, and supportive environment for your vows.

And that’s it for the news. If I’ve forgotten a story, if I didn’t give enough information on a story, or you want to talk about something specifically feel free to leave us a comment on our website, our livejournal, or you know our tumblr or a million and one other places that we’re all available on.

Transcribed by: angelbabe_cj

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