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Episode 37: LGBT News Transcript

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Dec. 2nd, 2012 | 05:51 pm

Ep 37 LGBT Transcript
Host: wook77

Wook: Welcome to the news for Slashcast Episode 37, I’m Wook77 with the news.

As we’re all aware by now Barak Obama won the presidential election here in the United States, hopefully ensuring a strong advocate for LGBT issues. But just in case he isn’t the strong advocate we hope to have there are plenty more now in the US Congress. This year’s congress is the most diverse on record with the first openly pansexual, the first openly lesbian, and the first openly bisexual to be elected to office. It was a great election cycle for LGBT representation, though, of course we could have had even more and hopefully will in the future.

Marriage Equality is now the law of the land in all of the states that had it on the rolls for this year’s election. So woohoo! Way to win. Equality trumps bigotry and we continue to make great strides.

Turns out that the next state addressing marriage equality might be my very own batshit insane state of Arizona. Let’s hope so because the one man, one woman law was defeated the first time around, and barely won the second time. I’m cautiously optimistic that Arizona might start redeeming itself away from all the crazy racist crap that’s been coming out of it. Okay I’m mostly pessimistic, but there’s a little tiny bit of optimism in there.

Naked protestors invaded John Boehner’s office. They were protesting the proposed cuts to the HIV/AIDS testing in the fiscal cliff negotiations. I personally think it was very effective, but John Boehner was probably a little bit upset about it.

November 27th marks the 34th anniversary of the death Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. There are now commemorative stamps featuring Harvey Milk available through the US post office, so you might want to go and check those out.

Uganda is reconsidering passing that ‘Kill the Gays Bill’, with support from Tony Perkins, the head of The Family Research Council, but he wants you to know that he is not a bigot. Not at all. Noo. And said he thinks this is just a mission from God. To which I say bullshit, but whatever you murder-advocating fucker. You and Rick Warren can go fuck each other.

Speaking of Rick Warren, he claims he’s not a homophobe, and he regrets supporting the bigotry side of the Prop-8 battle in California, but he does think that the gay is [adopts accent] very harmful to today’s youth and very bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and he can explain exactly why it’s bad to you if you would just give him a couple of minutes and not call him crazy homophobe.

There’s a landmark winding its way through the court system challenging gay conversion therapy, that we’ll be keeping our eyes on. Along with this law suit there’s also a Californian representative that is taking on gay conversion of people under 18. The law’s entitled SHOK, which is the acronym standing for Stop Hurting Our Kids, and looks to stop gay conversion therapy across the US eventually.

As we go into the holiday season please remember that the Salvation Army has a very long history of anti-LGBT bigotry as you pass by the bell ringers. Don’t take it out on the bell ringers please, but remember that if you drop change in that iconic red bucket you’re helping to support anti-LGBT bigotry that has including threating to close soup kitchens in the state of New York, because God forbid they offer equality in, you know, their hiring practices or something. And they’ve also allowed a transgender woman to die just outside of their homeless shelter because she was transgender. Instead why not save up your change and drop it off at your local Food Pantry? Get your friends and family in on the action and make a larger difference directly to your community instead of supporting an anti-LGBT initiative. There are plenty of LGBT specific organisations in most cities, as well, that could use your change. Think before you donate this holiday season and be part of the change that you’d like to see. When in doubt you can always check the Human Rights Campaign equality index to find out the best places to shop as well. We’ll have that index linked in the post.

And that’s it for the news, as always if I’ve missed something you want to talk about please feel free to link us whether it’s on twitter, tumblr, LJ or our website.

Transcribed by: angelbabe_cj

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